Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What needs to be shown on the plans? 
    Review the Submittal Requirements Checklist (PDF) for specific project.

  2. Where do I obtain a building permit or submit my plans? 
    Building permits and plan submittals are to be taken to Town Hall at 37622 North Cave Creek Road. For questions regarding Building Permit submittals, call Tracie Wilgus at (480) 488-6622 or via email. Applications and information regarding the submittal of building permits can be obtained from Town Hall.

  3. When do I call for a stem inspection? 
    A stem wall inspection is not required. Prior to our final inspection, as-builts for the finished floor elevations must be submitted by the registered engineer or surveyor of record (developer of the approved site plan).

  4. When do I call for a final inspection? 
    After everything has been completed, all the concrete has been poured, all trenches have been filled, stockpiles / berms removed, and the site has been final graded.

  5. Do I need a site inspection? 
    Whether a site inspection is needed or not depends on the location of the site and if the Town already has drainage information for the site. A Town representative will determine if a site inspection is needed at the time of the plan submittal.

  6. Am I in a floodplain? 
    Check the Federal Emergency Management Agency’s flood insurance maps, or you can call the flood control district’s floodplain division at (602) 506-2939 and ask for floodplain determination. Prior to calling make sure you have the Tax Assessor Number. If you have an internet connection, you can find your parcel number and determine if your parcel is in a floodplain by accessing Maricopa County’s GIS website.

  7. What will the fees be? 
    The Town will determine fees at the time of submittal.

  8. Do I need an engineer to prepare my plans? 
    An Arizona registered civil engineer is needed for all single-family homes, subdivisions, and commercial properties. For fence and pool permits, engineering will not be required unless specified by the Town reviewer.

  9. How far away from the wash does my house need to be? 
    The location of the structure in proximity to a wash is dependent on the size of the wash; the amount of flow the wash carries, and if any bank stabilization is required. The Town engineering plan reviewer will determine if a location is acceptable during the plan review. In general, stay away from all major washes. A good rule for proposed structures within twenty feet would be to provide bank protection and set the footers three feet below the bottom elevation of the wash. For larger washes, a civil engineer will need to determine appropriate erosion control. Erosion control may need to meet Arizona State Standard Attachment 5-96 (PDF). Refer also to Drainage Guidelines (PDF).

  10. Do I need a permit to grade a roadway and install a culvert on my property? 
    Yes, any roadway grading can change historical drainage patterns. An Arizona registered civil engineered site plan showing existing and proposed contours in profile is required. The plans need to justify that historical drainage patterns are maintained. Additionally, the engineer needs to provide calculations and a detailed site plan to show the culvert is designed correctly. A building permit is mandatory if a structure such as a culvert is required.