Water Supply

Raw Water Source of Supply and Transmission

On a daily basis we operate and maintain a Raw Water Transmission System from the Central Arizona Project (CAP) Canal.  This system consists of a series of pumps and pipelines that transfer the water from the CAP canal near the intersection of Cave Creek Road and Deer Valley Road to our surface water treatment plant located near East Cave Creek Road and Basin Road, a distance of nearly 12 miles.

Surface Water Treatment

The raw water is treated at our Surface Water Treatment Plant to remove water turbidity, adjust the water chemistry so that it does not damage existing pipelines, inject disinfection chemicals to protect the public health and pump the treated water to our water storage tanks.

Water Distribution & Fire Protection

We distribute the treated water through a system of water mains of various diameters which also provide for fire protection.  These mains are buried underground and are controlled through a series of valves, pressure regulating equipment, booster pumps, pressure tanks, and other water storage tanks.

Some water (in the Desert Hills Area) uses groundwater as a source of supply.  Groundwater is pumped from deep underground aquifers into steel water storage tanks, disinfected, and then delivered to our customers.

Water Customers

As of December 31, 2014, the Cave Creek/Desert Hills/Carefree Water Systems had the following approximate customer base:

 Service Area # Of Meters
Cave Creek2103
 Desert Hills1730
 Total Water Meters4361

2014 Total Water ProductionAcre-Feet
Cave Creek Water Company2288.44
 Desert Hills Water Company674.55
 Total Acre-Feet2962.95