The Town of Cave Creek Zoning Ordinance
The purpose of the zoning ordinance (PDF) is to provide the minimum requirements for the implementation of the general plan, to promote the public health, safety, and general welfare of the citizens of the Town of Cave Creek by guiding, controlling, and regulating the future growth and development of the Town in a manner that protects the character and the stability of the Town and is compatible with the low density, desert environment of the community.

This ordinance shall provide for the preservation of open space, protection of natural habitats, scenic vistas, riparian areas, and hillsides, while providing for adequate light and air, avoidance of overcrowding of land, and excessive concentration of population by establishing land use classifications and by imposing regulations on the use of land, on the location, height, and bulk of buildings and structures, and by establishing standards for design and development.

Zoning Map

The Town of Cave Creek Subdivision Ordinance
The purpose of the subdivision ordinance (PDF) is to:

  • Provide for the orderly growth and harmonious development of the Town of Cave Creek in keeping with its diverse lifestyles, rural character, and sensitive environment
  • Foster preservation of the natural environment and habitat
  • Ensure adequate traffic circulation through coordinated street systems with relation to major thoroughfares, adjoining subdivisions, and public facilities
  • Secure adequate provisions for water supply, drainage, sanitary sewerage, and other health requirements
  • Consider reservation of adequate sites for schools, recreation areas and/or trail systems, and other public facilities
  • Promote the conveyance of land by accurate legal description
  • Provide procedures for the achievement of these purposes