The Finance Department is responsible for providing support services for the Town including: accounting, financial reporting, accounts payable, payroll, treasury services, fiscal planning/budgeting, miscellaneous billing, and debt management.  It also supports efforts in tax auditing and purchasing. 

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Finance Information
In an effort to make many of the Town’s public documents as accessible as possible, the Town has established a virtual library to provide online public access to various documents pertaining to the Town’s financial information. These include budgets, CAFRs, monthly revenue, and expenditure documents.

FY 2022 Budget Documents

View these documents.

FY 2021 Budget Documents

View these documents.

FY 2019 Comprehensive Annual Financial Report

View this document (PDF).

FY 2020 Budget Documents- Final Budget Approved by Council

The budget expenditure limitation for FY 2020 is set at $30,397,132.  View the budget documents.  The FY 2020 Final Budget was approved July 15, 2020.

FY 2019 Budget Documents

View these documents

FY 2018 Budget Documents

View these documents.

FY 2017 Budget Documents

View these documents.

FY 2016 Budget Documents

View these documents.  

FY 2015 Budget Documents

View these documents.

Development Impact Fee Reports

2012 Development Impact Fee Report (PDF)
2013 Development Impact Fee Report (PDF)
2014 Development Impact Fee Report (PDF)
2015 Development Impact Fee Report (PDF)
2016 Development Impact Fee Report (PDF)
2017 Development Impact Fee Report (PDF)
2018 Development Impact Fee Report (PDF)
2019 Development Impact Fee Report (PDF)

Government Property Lease Excise Tax Properties
The State has passed new legislation mandating the Town prepare and present on its website a report of every building lease to every private entity whether it has any such leases.   The Town has no leases of the kind covered by those requirements and therefore has no report or database of any such agreements.   There would be a database and or report attached here that would indicate each agreement and their calculated excise tax if any.

Project Report
The Town has prepared a report listing projects undertaken for capital improvements and/or program initiatives. This "project tracker"/project listing can be found here. For more detailed information please contact the department listed under "Dept" on the report.
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