Water Will Serve Requests

To establish an account with the Town of Cave Creek Water for an existing connection to the water service, please contact an utility billing specialist at 480-488-6620. 

A Water Will Serve request is for businesses and residences seeking to confirm that the town will be willing to commit to serving water to a specific property that is not already connected to the Town of Cave Creek Water.  For questions or more information regarding Water Will Serves, please contact Ryan Hill at 480-488-6619 or via email.

Request for Desert Hills

Will Serves are no longer being provided for the Desert Hills area.

Request for Cave Creek

For a Will Serve request within the jurisdiction of the Town of Cave Creek access the form at the link below.

Associated Fees
All customers are responsible for the cost of installing piping to the meter and/or all water main extensions if required. In addition to the cost of all watermain or line extensions, the following costs are to be made to the Town of Cave creek prior to any meter sets.

Capacity Charge/Hook up Fee: Dependent on meter size
Establishment of Service Fee: $20.00
New Meter Set Fee: Dependent on meter size
Total: N/A

Capacity Charges Cave Creek and Carefree Service Area

Inside the Town of Cave Creek Jurisdictional Boundary

Meter SizeWaterWastewaterTotal

 3/4" $7183$12482$19665
 1" $11996 $20845 $32841
 1.5" $23920 $41566 $65486
 2" $38286 $66530 $104816
 3" $76644 $133185 $209829

Service Area Desert Hills

Meter SizeWaterWastewaterTotal
 5/8" and 34" $14565 $0$14565
 1 and 1.25" $24324 $0 $24324
 1.5" $48503 $0 $48503
 2" $77634 $0 $77634
 3" $155413 $0 $155413

Establishment of Service (New Account) $20.00
 Establishment of Service (After Hours) No after hours
 Re-establishment of Service (after voluntary interruption of service) # of months off X min. monthly rate
 Re-connection of server (After disconnection due to delinquency) $25.00
 Charge for moving meter at customer’s request cost
 Meter Test $50.00
 Meter re-read $20.00
 Charge for non-sufficient fund (NSF) check $20.00


 5/8" X 3/4" $250.00
 3/4" $250.00
 1" $310.00
 1-1/2" $500.00
 2" $530.00
 3" $1220.00
 4" $1600.00