Town of Cave Creek's Local Landmarks

Local Landmarks is a program designed to identify and recognize significant places in the Town of Cave Creek and encourage residents and visitors of Cave Creek to discover and support the spaces that make Cave Creek unique. 

Local Landmarks are buildings or significant points of interest that have been selected through observation,  research and through storytelling with longtime residents whose family were original settlers/founders of Cave Creek or became pillars of the community in more recent history.

Cave Creek’s unique and colorful history was created by the special characters that have lived and carved out their niche here, building a foundation that created a strong community identity.  As the Town evolves Local Landmarks strive to bring attention to the renditions of spaces shaping the Town's cultural landscape, while encouraging pedestrian exploration on foot.

Take a tour using Google Earth (external site).

QR Code

QR Codes will be found on each plaque. Simply scan the code into a smart phone to be teleported to an interactive map, where pictures and stories of these Local Landmarks live to be explored and enjoyed. 

This code can be scanned by any smart phone and will take the person directly to the “Local Landmarks” page on the Town’s website (embedded under the Tourism Bureau as a subpage), which has the map and a brief description of the project.  The implications for this program using smart devices goes beyond the goal of recognition of these landmarks.  Over time there is a possibility to integrate Local Landmarks to business advertising and retail specials for tourists and locals with a Cave Creek App.  Envision bronze plaques at the Black Mountain, SCRCA and Regional Park trailhead(s) where visitors will receive a promotional special at a Local Landmark upon scanning the QR code before a morning hike.

With the opportunities presented by technology, this program can become a dynamic way for people to remain connected to the Town of Cave Creek and keep our roots alive.

Page is still under construction. 

Come back soon for more imagery and local stories.  

Big Earls

Big Earls

Image of plaque of Harold's Cave Creek Corral

Historic photo of Harold's (jpg)