Congratulations to the 2022 Recipients of the Cave Creek Local Landmark Distinction:

American Legion Post 34
Black Mountain Tack and Feed
Buffalo Chip
Cave Creek Museum
Desert Foothills Library
El Encanto
Frontier Town
Horny Toad
Indian Village
Le San Souci 

Town of Cave Creek Local Landmarks

The Town of Cave Creek is as diverse as its residents, local businesses, culture, entertainment and wildlife! In an effort to celebrate this and promote exploration of the unique places which have shaped and housed the Town’s vibrant character (and characters!), the Town of Cave Creek is launching Cave Creek Local Landmarks. Iconic buildings and spaces in Town are being recognized by a bronze plaque award which inter-connects the celebrated landmarks to a storytelling map. This map hosts destinations across Cave Creek for the public to explore virtually, physically, and throughout time— through the storytelling of Cave Creek’s pioneers, their descendants, and you; its residents and guests. 


Cave Creek 

Local Landmarks 

Interactive Map

There are two primary ways you can explore and enjoy the Cave Creek Local Landmarks Interactive Storytelling Map. This map is a work in progress and ever-evolving. As the public submits stories and experiences from these cherished destinations, the Town of Cave Creek updates each celebrated destination's entry on the map.

The most attractive story-viewing experience is via Google Earth, which is a third-party application most must download to their phones.  If you prefer not to download an external application then you can click on the map below and enter full screen mode to make the most of it! 

To Take a tour using Google Earth Click here  

-OR- Click on the square in the upper left-hand corner of the map below to enjoy exploring :  

Cave Creek Local Landmark: Harolds Cave Creek Corral Cave Creek Local Landmark Cave Creek Inn
Cave Creek Local Landmark: Carpenters Trading Post

Cave Creek Local Landmark: The Hideaway
Cave Creek Local Landmark: Dairy Queen

Cave Creek Local Landmark: Big Earls Greasy Eats

QR Code

A QR Code like this will be found on each plaque. Simply open the camera function on your phone and hover over the QR code on each brass plaque award, to be teleported to an interactive map where pictures and stories of these Local Landmarks live to be explored and enjoyed. 

Cave Creek 

Local Landmarks 

How to Nominate Iconic Destinations


Nominate a place in Town for consideration that is special to you. Have a restaurant that knows you by name? A building that has housed renditions of your favorite small businesses, over time? A place so famous (or infamous), you don’t need an address to get there? Name a destination that contributes to the Town's heritage by writing to: .