2022 Primary and General Election Information

Offices to be filled:

  • Mayor (1 Seat)
  • Council Member (6 Seats)

Terms: December 5, 2022 through December 2, 2024

Candidates - Mayor

NameStatement of Organization
Morris, Robert (Bob)

Wright, Eileen

Candidates - Council

NameStatement of Organization
Augherton, Tom

Bunch, Ernie

Clancy, Susan

Eelkema, Paul

Jensen, Charles (CW)

Kincel, Katya

Marsolo, Anna

McGuire, Thomas

Rhoades, Bryan (Dusty)

Royer, Kathryn

Smith, David

Sova, Ron

Citizens for a Safer Cave Creek

Important Election Dates

  • July 5, 2022: Last day to register to vote in the Primary Election
  • August 2,2022:  Primary Election Day
  • October 11, 2022: Last day to register to vote in the General Election
  • November 8, 2022: General Election Day

Voter Registration

Voter registration forms may be obtained from  Cave Creek Town Hall or from the Maricopa County Recorder. Online registration can be found at: Register to Vote or Update Voter Registration (maricopa.gov) 

Political Signs

Political signs may be subject to discosure requirements found in the Arizona Revised Statutes, Title 16, and inquiries or complaints related to disclosure requirements on signs contained in Title 16 should be directed to the Town Clerk at (480) 488-6621. 

 According to Arizona Revised Statutes, Title 16-1019H: Subsection C of this section applies only during the period commencing seventy-one days before a primary election and ending fifteen days after the general election, except that for a sign for a candidate in a primary election who does not advance to the general election, the period ends fifteen days after the primary election. 

 Political signs, following Title 16, may begin to be placed on May 23, 2022.

 The Town of Cave Creek prohibits all signs located in a manner that interferes with pedestrian or vehicular travel or poses a hazard to pedestrians, equestrians or vehicles. Any inquiries or complaints can be directed to the Town of Cave Creek – Town Hall at (480) 488-6600.